Information on Stavanger

Introduction and history

The Stavanger region is Norway's third largest city region with 408 450 inhabitants. This constitutes around 9 percent of the country's total population. Stavanger is the largest city and the county's administrative centre. The city of Stavanger has 118 000 inhabitants. The region of Stavanger has a versatile and dynamic business environment known to be innovative and value-adding. International orientation and active networks all contribute to ensuring the region's economic growth and prosperity in the future.

Why Stavanger?

Open, Energetic and Innovative 

Growth and innovation is important in the Stavanger-region. Big ideas are nourished, and also materialised. In 2008 Stavanger was European Capital of Culture, with the most daring, innovative and exiting cultural projects ever seen in Norway.

Experience of hosting international congresses and events. Over the past 30 years, Stavanger has acquired a strong reputation for hosting a variety of international events. In 1994 Stavanger successfully hosted the WACS congress. In July 2008, Stavanger welcomed Bocuse d’Or Europe and its 1200 delegates. This summer’s great success was the Beach Volley World Championship. 

Capacities and great facilities. The Stavanger-region has the possibility of hosting big events. We proudly present 33 hotels, and 3700 beds, all easily within reach.

Accessibility and everything within reach. There are more than 90 daily arrivals at Stavanger Airport Sola, many direct from major European cities. Once here, the short distances make many great adventures along with the official programme possible.

Safe, clean and culturally vibrant. Stavanger is one of the safest destinations in the world. Clean, unpolluted and charming, yet with a modern and international feel. The many events, concerts and festivals make’s it a vibrant and cultural destination.

Great nature is an adventure in itself – filled with variations, contrasts and inspiration. On one side the vast North Sea, on the other narrow fjords, protected bays and quaint islands. Extreme contrasts with pretty fields, rolling hills and extreme mountains. Wild, but sweet, picturesque, yet urban.

Strong and professional industries in many fields. A dynamic university, a university hospital, various international research centers make the Stavanger region a competent and interesting host for conferences. As capital of the Norwegian energy industry for more than 30 years, Stavanger is a city with an international, cultural and professional atmosphere.

A pleasant shopping experience. Stavanger has an international flair, and the charming city centre of Stavanger has always been a meeting place for our guests. This means that they will find a variety of tempting shops – ranging from small specialist shops to departmental stores.

Many visitors have remarked that they find more specialist shops here than in other Norwegian cities. Our shopping centres compare favourably as regards choice and pleasant shopping. Thursday is a good day for shopping, with extended opening hours. In Stavanger you will always find a good bargain!

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